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Michael Rock Art Featured on

November 18th, 2017

Michael Rock Art  Featured on has just issued an excellent feature on English born artist Michael Rock.

The feature covers the early inspirations behind his love of creating art and what motivates him today.
Now living in his adopted home of California, Michael has received a loyal and affectionate appreciation of his expressive work.

This article features some of his work.
You can see more of his original oils on canvas at
See the article at

Physical Art Gallery Vs Online Gallery

March 31st, 2017

Physical Art Gallery Vs Online Gallery

Visiting a physical Art gallery provides an experience that online galleries fail to deliver.

A physical art gallery allows you to get closer to the art in more ways than one.

When standing before an original painting you get a real feeling of presence.
The scale of the artwork can be instantly understood and the impact from it's framing presentation.
You might actually smell the paint or the freshly coated varnish.
You might notice those unique brush strokes or be surprised to find none!

There's an energy that comes from the application of the paint.
Perhaps there were glazes of color applied?
Maybe you'll see small imperfections or even an artist's fingerprint in the paint!

Seeing the application of the paint raises many questions about how the artist created it.
You might find a single hair from the artist's brush locked into the coat of varnish which conveys that the painting was an honest human creation.

Oh, and there maybe a story on the back of the painting! I know some artists who do this!

These small details may sound insignificant or unimportant but they are all very personal things that connect you with the artist and their unique style.

There is an 'energy' that you can feel which online images struggle to do.

Of course, you may be in very good company when you visit a real gallery and you might get some information on the artist that you never knew before. Hey, you might even get to meet the artist when they pop in or host a show.

My painting entitled " Fine Art Gallery Opening Night" was inspired from the feeling of visiting a real gallery of fine art.

I have made a short video to show the finer details of this painting that would normally go un-noticed as we quickly scroll through digital images each day on our devices and rarely feeling close to them.

Please take a minute to view my video below.
I hope you enjoy all of the finer details. Lots of broken paint layers! Many canvas textures!

Enjoy! (oh and allow audio!)