Michael Rock



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Michael's emotional connection to natural beauty began at a very early age while growing up in the county of Devon. This picturesque region of the south west of England boasts an abundance of lush forests, soft rolling pastures, clear rivers and two stunning coastlines. It was here where Michael's earliest inspiration began for artistically expressing his affection for his place of birth.

In 1998, Michael realized his life-long dream of making California his home which has become a new source of inspiration for his oils on canvas. His love for the scenery around the coast and country continues to provide an endless fascination.

As the rolling hills of the Central Coast turn into shades of gold, thoughts turn to the landscape of Tuscany, an area that Michael feels passionately about. Those Italian influences often find their way onto Michael's canvases.

"Beauty is always at the core of his work, immersed in human emotion".

Michael's style is a unique and personal reflection of his passions and emotions, which he endeavors to capture on canvas using many layers of complex oils with light textures in his unique and colorful style.

"It t is not enough for me to simply paint the beauty that I see says Michael, I want to capture the spirit, the emotional attachment and the deep connection that we feel from a certain place".

Private collectors of Michael's work have often spoken poetically in expressing their experience of Michael's Art. Serene, magical, atmospheric, inviting and even heavenly are some of the descriptions that are used to convey their emotional connections. It is these unique connections that Michael finds the most gratifying.

Michael's originals are exhibited in galleries and venues around California's central coast.


sunset at san simeon by Michael Rock


san simeon sunset by Michael Rock


Oak Tree Mist by Michael Rock


Faerie Lane by Michael Rock


morro rock morning by Michael Rock


Cherry Peach by Michael Rock


comet dreamer ascend by Michael Rock


eucalyptus beach trail by Michael Rock


hydrangea petals by Michael Rock


wild poppy by Michael Rock


spirit of tuscany by Michael Rock


magnolia blossom by Michael Rock


serenity by Michael Rock


Tuscan Dream by Michael Rock


Rhapsody by Michael Rock


Vintage Summer by Michael Rock


Morro Rock by Michael Rock


spring wild flowers by Michael Rock


heart rock by Michael Rock


Saling 1 by Michael Rock


rocky coast in warm sun by Michael Rock


Cambria by Michael Rock


Moon Reflection by Michael Rock


rolling green waves by Michael Rock


Flying seagull by Michael Rock


Ocean Spray by Michael Rock


Heart by Michael Rock


gliding pelican by Michael Rock


Angel Luna by Michael Rock


Primavera by Michael Rock


Moonstone Beach Seagull by Michael Rock


Dusk at Montana De Oro by Michael Rock


Serene Sunset by Michael Rock